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30 - Tobias Leenaert on the Pragmatic Path to a Vegan World

March 3, 2021

Tobias Leenaert is the author of How to Create a Vegan World: a Pragmatic Approach, which has been translated into five languages. He is the cofounder of ProVeg International, which aims to reduce the consumption of animal products by 50% by 2040. Tobias also writes the Vegan Strategist blog, where he shares strategies for convincing people to reduce their animal product consumption. 


We discuss: 

  • the difference between pragmatism and idealism in animal advocacy
  • why intentions matter less than we think
  • “vegalomania” and whether a vegan diet is really the healthiest
  • when behavior change leads belief change
  • how vegetarians reduce almost as much harm as vegans
  • how reducetarian do more for animals than vegans
  • how much easier it's gotten to be vegan
  • veganism's bad brand and why so many people hate on vegans
  • a thought experiment for vegans
  • why strict veganism can be counterproductive
  • how you can help animals without being a vegan or vegetarian
  • where analogies between animal agriculture and other crimes break down
  • how to be an effective animal advocate
  • what he’s most looking forward to

I think this episode is useful for both vegetarians and vegan activists and people who are interested in consuming less animal products but aren’t sure how.



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